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Sunday, 10 November 2013

A first Glamour Cave playlist. Enjoy!

It seemed like a logical step.

While I'm waiting to hear back from Big Country about the pickle they seem to have got themselves in with the rights to their music, my eyes fell on some Spotify tokens given to me for my birthday by my friends Hari Patience and Nick Cowen *waves at Hari and Nick*

I'm afraid I haven't really considered the whys and wherefores of who gets the money from Spotify, though I understand it's not a very good deal for the musicians. However, in my defence I own CDs with nine out of ten of these songs on it - the exception being the theme from The Hobbit. And this is the case because I harbour an atavistic fear, probably born from growing up in the 1980s under the terror of imminent nuclear armageddon, that one day iTunes will simply change the terms and conditions for its online music (contained in one of those enormous legal documents that you never read before ticking the box at the bottom) and I'll lose everything I've ever bought from them.

Give me a CD every time. Though Spotify is good for hearing new stuff...

When my friends sit around in the Glamour Cave I play them whatever I'm excited about that week, hoping to elucidate a similar reaction. It's the musical equivalent of jumping up and down on a desert island waving and shouting "Hey! Are there any humans out there?" This is the same thing on a larger scale.

It's been fun to do. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I immediately put another one together, thinking that I might do one each month. So roll on December.

There should be ten on there, though for some reason ahab doesn't seem to have shown up on my preview (why?). Anyway, let me know what you think. 

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1 comment:

  1. Lurking here in this Spotify-less, folk-less demi world "Sorry, we're not available where you are", I feel sure that you must have a Folk Awards post in the offing. My other-worldly status was confirmed today, as I cynically tried to rig the Best Album poll by casting my dastardly, non-UK vote for an artist unalloyed with folk-oisie.
    I now see the error of my ways and am sticking in my six quid for the Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker Christmas album on Bandcamp. Yes, they have a record deal, but as you so rightly keep telling us, they are brilliant. And if they don't win something (which seems unlikely)....Judges, we know where you live!

    Oh, and a quick plug for the Leigh on Sea Midwinter Folk Festival-all to support a free summer festival and JC & BW -endorsed too.
    Peace and Love (within reason)


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