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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

American bloke runs off with Steve Knightley's guitar

More than halfway through his set for the Green Note at The Old Queen's Head on Monday night, Richard Shindell said: "I would like to thank Steve Knightley for the loan of his guitar. He was supposed to bring my CDs from his shed to my gig in Wiltshire yesterday: he was supposed to bring them to the festival that I came from this morning.

"And he didn't.

"And he felt so badly about it that I felt bad for him for feeling so bad. We both felt very bad.

"So I gave him the opportunity to redeem himself. I said 'lend me your guitar for two weeks'."

Shindell, you see, lives in Argentina and for some reason or other had not brought an acoustic guitar with him despite it being his instrument of choice.

"And Steve said," with rising intonation, as one pleading for it not to be the case, "'Really?'

"I got a text message from Steve Knightley just before I came on stage. I was afraid it would say something like 'Don't use my guitar tonight'.

"So I didn't read it."


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* Richard Shindell pays for Tardis to orbit the Earth

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