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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wilful Missing seeks drummer for maternity cover

Poking around on the web I came across this podcast last weekend, which drew me because of the interview with ahab but kicked off with something else rather striking.

Wilful Missing, it turns out, are a Bradford band whose music has been picked up by TV - they've had four songs on Waterloo Road - and while in the US this would be enough to make your professional career (check out the part in that interview about getting one song on Grey's Anatomy), in the UK this has simply meant slightly larger audiences at their gigs, which are quite rare as the band all have day jobs.

Also Wilful Missing are looking for a drummer because Ruth Viquiera is off to have a baby.

"It's been a bit of a revolving drum stool, really," said Albert Freeman, who plays bass and flute. "We had two male drummers, then a drum machine, which we used to call Catherine. In 2007 we found Ruth, who's been a stalwart of the band ever since. She designed all our artwork as well as playing.

"So including the drum machine we've had two female drummers and it's been great having a female member of the band. Ruth's provided a bit of balance and perspective, made the band a bit easier to be in. So who knows? Maybe we'll get lucky and find another female drummer - but I realise that we might have to settle for a man this time."

Albert said that they hoped Ruth would be coming back eventually, but who knows?

So, practicalities. Four of the band live in Bradford and one in Hebden Bridge; and they have a permanent rehearsal space at the Kala Sangam centre in Bradford.

"We don't gig really heavily because we've all got day jobs and the band has to fit around family life. I work for Bradford library service, Sam Kipling works for the Environment Agency, which is how come we've got a song about potash. Ruth works at Leeds Metropolitan University and Sam Lawrence makes Uilleann pipes for a living. When I met him he was at university but also apprenticed as a pipe maker.

"We're between 29 and 40 years old and technically we're looking for someone tight and creative: we'd like to have someone who can have a creative input into the songs. It's important that we all get along with each other but, also, we've never had a drummer with a car, which is kind of hard to believe because you'd think with that amount of kit it would be important. So having a car would be a bonus.

"The most technically complicated song we do for a drummer is probably Powerful Pill."

There's a studio version of it here. And the whole of their most recent album can be heard here.

"In terms of influences, the other band we all like the most is The National. We also like Fionn Regan and Bob Dylan. We've been played on Radio Two and Radio Six a few times and we went to London once, about four years ago I think, on tour."

If you're interested you should contact Wilful Missing through their website or on Twitter @wilfulmissing. Ruth's baby is due in a week or so and they've got one audition lined up already for next week, so don't hang about.

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