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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blue Horyzon sow intergenerational confusion at Shrewsbury

Blue Horyzon were busking in between cloud bursts at the Shrewsbury festival yesterday and made quite an impression.

Genevieve Tudor interviewed them about a terrible train journey they made recently, for use on her show today - Sunday - on BBC Radio Shropshire. And I believe Spiral Earth also interviewed them for one of the talky bits on the somewhat amazing Shrewsbury festival webcast.

So not to be left out...

They've got a banjo, which is fine by me. And before too long they had launched into Mumford & Sons' Little Lion Man. The thing that marked it out, though, more than anything else was that they had altered the lyrics, removing the most memorable line - which goes I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear? - so that it ran I really messed it up this time... instead.

As you can probably tell, from the picture and also from a close textual analysis of the way they spell their band name, Blue Horyzon are young, both in absolute terms but also by comparison with many people at Shrewsbury this weekend.  I would go as far as to say that they were among the youngest people in sight when they were busking.

So when I asked Lyndon, their drummer, "Why change the lyrics?" and he nodded towards the audience and said, apparently seriously, "the children" I was momentarily bewildered.

Lyndon, I should explain is the old man of the band at the age of 29.

Young people today.


Here's them playing something completely different.

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  1. That's a song by The Old Crow Medicine Show, great song!

  2. They seem a very nice bunch of young people to whom I would have gladly dropped a couple of quid, had I been there.

    And while their website doesn't seem to have cd's yet, apparently they'll fix you up if you drop them a mail at

    1. they have a new website now with cd's and downloads available

  3. Hei Guys, if you would like to hear more from Blue Horyzon, here's a video of them playing on Monday afternoon at Shrewsbury this year. They very kindly invited me to guest with them on fiddle. May I point out they weren't busking as you suggest but having a jam for fun and to entertain. Hope you enjoy watching :)


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