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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fagan and Kerr issue denial at Warwick folk festival

Of all the denials parents might reasonably anticipate having to make, this was none of them.
James Fagan and Nancy Kerr made two appearances at the Warwick Folk festival yesterday, their second to last in public before Kerr gives birth to their second child, whose arrival is anticipated in three weeks. They're also at Sidmouth this week. I take my sun hat off to Kerr for having the strength to make her lungs inflate to pretty much their normal size despite the limited amount of space available *awe*

It probably helps (psychologically, at least) that she's got a team of people pulling for her. Her partner, Fagan, who's Aussie, issued a denial on behalf of both of them last night from the main stage, after a very warm day.

"Our little boy, Hamish, is two. He's been seen carrying two hankies around the festival site today and waving them around. A lot of people have been assuming that we've been training him, cruelly, to the ancient art of morris dancing. This isn't the case.

"It's an Australian thing. I gave him the hankies, hoping that he'd wave them in Nancy's general direction - to cool her down. He hasn't got the hang of it yet."

Kerr looked a bit spooked by the possibility that she has a nascent morris dancer pitter-pattering about the place. "Whatever he's doing, that's his business," she clarified. "We'll always love him."

Here's Queen of Waters, which I somehow only heard for the first time yesterday, despite it being nominated for Best Song at this year's folk awards. Love at first encounter.

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  1. little Fagan is called Hamish!

  2. Thanks. I knew I wasn't 100 per cent on that and couldn't find any online refs to him! x


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